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Vladimir Borodin

Vladimir Borodin is the head instructor at the famed Boridin’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York.


He was born in Odessa in the Ukraine, Russia. He has competed in over 250 contests and was a national champion of the Ukraine. He was a five time Soviet army champion.


He was presented with his Kru at the Master Pimu camp in Bangkok, Thailand long after starting with Grandmaster Thom Harnick of Holland and continuing his studies with Arjarn Tony Moore, Kru Vtali Rykov of Russia, Hadj Bettahar of France and Marco DeCesaris of Italy.


He has organized many muay Thai tournaments and has been a multiple time representative of US national muay Thai teams. He founded the first muay Thai association in Russia.


He is a licensed muay Thai and kickboxing judge and referee with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board.  In that capacity, he has worked the first regulated professional rules Muay Thai shows in the history of the State.


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