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Renzo Gracie

On December 7th, 2012, Renzo Gracie was presented with the first ever “Legend Award” by the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


Renzo Gracie is a New Jersey resident whose accomplishments in the martial arts are truly too many to list. Renzo has instructed at his academies found throughout the world, has taught many pro fighters, and has competed in the ADCC’s, EliteXC, IFL, Pride, Rings and the UFC. He is the subject of the documentary, Legacy, and has written instructional books on jiu-jitsu. Most importantly, Renzo is a family man who represents the martial arts with dignity, integrity, respect and honor. Renzo is never without a smile and brightens up whatever room he is in. ‘


Renzo Gracie truly is a martial arts legend.


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