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Ognjen Topic

Ognjen Topic is a Muay Thai fighter from Pompton Lakes who trains with North Jersey Muay Thai in Lodi.


Ognjen Topic has had a passion for Martial Arts since he began training as a young teen. He began his relationship with the arts by studying Tae Kwon Do, eventually receiving his black belt. His love of challenges and further training brought him to the art of Muay Thai, “I like trying to figure someone out before they figure me out”.


He credits a big part of his success to his trainers Kru Ray Cruz and Kru Joe Bumanlag as they increase his knowledge of Muay Thai as well as providing guidance in his day to day life.  Ognjen has over 30 amateur and professional Muay Thai fights and won the Amateur ISKA 135lb Title. During his amateur fight experience he became one of the top amateurs in the nation.


His winning record as an amateur has continued in his professional career with all of his professional wins coming by early stoppage. Since going pro he is making a name for himself as one of the best professional Thai fighters in the country.


He was selected as the 2011 North American Professional Rookie of the year by Muay Thai Authority website. He was chosen as the 2011 United States Breakthrough fighter of the year by  Muay Thai Is Life website. He was selected as the World Kickboxing Association professional fighter of the month for December 2011.


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