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Michael DePasquale Jr

Michael DePasquale, Jr. was quite literally born into the martial arts. The son of the late Ju-Jitsu pioneer Michael DePasquale Sr. (considered the father of American Ju-jitsu) who received the only lifetime achievement award from Black Belt Magazine before his passing in 2006.


De Pasquale Jr. was the publisher of Karate International Magazine (KI). KI was the largest full-color martial arts and entertainment magazine in the World and the first magazine to cover the UFC.


DePasquale Jr. partnered with America Online and created the Martial Arts Worldwide Network. This was the first and largest single source of martial arts news, education and information in cyberspace and also the first to cover the UFC.


He was a judge, trainer and commentator in the early days of the UFC. He  worked such fights as the first Couture/Belfort and Coleman/Severn. He is still judging with the N.J.S.A.C.B. and has been for three decades.


Michael has also published 9 books including one of the first Ju-Jitsu books published in 1977, with Simon & Schuster.

DePasquale Jr. is still active on the seminar circuit, teaching his world renowned Ju Jitsu techniques, as well as Police Defensive Tactics, and Safety for Women and children, promoting safety though his books Streetwise Safety for Women and Children (Tuttle publishing) and seminars.


He qualified for the Pan Am Team Trials and won the AAU East Karate Championship.


DePasquale Jr. is the President of the International Federation of Ju-Jitsuans. He holds black belts in both karate and judo. He also holds a black belt and the coveted rank of Soke Grandmaster in Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu.


DePasquale Jr. is a certified FBI Defensive Tactics Instructors program and trainer of Army Special Forces, U.S. Marshals, and New York City Police.


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