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Larry Cureton

At the age of 55, Larry *Thunderfoot* Cureton has accomplished a lot. From Jersey City, he got in involved in martial arts when he was 14 years old. In the 41 years since he has earned a 7th degree black belt and has studied a number of styles.(Go Kai Ju ,Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu)


Thunderfoot has fought in numerous kickboxing bouts and holds a record of 28-7 with 25 KO*s. He holds titles of WPKO World Hvy.Wt. PKF World Super Hvy Wt. FFKA North American Super Hvy. Wt, USKBA US Super Hvy. Wt. WPKO US Super Hvy.Wt, and the PKF International Super Hvy. Wt.(2 titles were after last photo shoot).


Thunderfoot even tried his hand at MMA fighting. He fought in the early UFC’s #5 & #7. That’s before they started wearing gloves. It was bare knuckle and no holds barred. I asked Larry about the experience and he said. “It’s just another form of fighting. But it lacks the discipline and the Bushido Way of the Warrior.”


In 1988 Larry joined the forces of the Jersey City Fire Department were he continued to fight in several charity shows on behalf of the Jersey City Fire Department, Benefiting fire victims and widows of firefighters. Thunderfoot, when he’s not fighting in the ring, has been fighting fires and served the City of Jersey City for 28 years. (He retired in 2012). But this 6’1”, 280 pound giant turns gentle when he takes off his gear. He enjoys touring the public schools of Jersey City lecturing kids on the evils of the streets, drugs and crime.

Thunderfoot is a RETIRED veteran firefighter with the Jersey City Fire Department, the town where he grew up with his mother and three sisters.


Thunderfoot also possesses talent in front of a camera and has modeled for sportswear and trade shows. He is interested in acting and his current aim is to land a movie deal. He has read a few scripts, but has not yet found one that fits his goal. He’s an extra in the Block Buster Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. With his past track record in persistence, it will probably be just a matter of time.

He is also a personal trainer, bodyguard, a poet, a photographer, a writer and an artist with eye on acting.


When asked why a firefighter. Larry said I didn’t chose the job. The job chose me. “I never thought about being a firefighter. I would see them running into burning buildings and say. Those guys are crazy. I took the test when some friends told me about the obstacle course. I took the test just to see how I would do. They called me three years later. I had forgot I took the test. But it was a great opportunity so I took it. And I’ve been loving it until I felt that it was time to move on. I retired July 1st, 2012.


Now I’m enjoying life doing what I want. When I want. It’s a great feeling”………


Larry "Thunderfoot" Cureton motivational speaking and poetry recitals at High Schools and Colleges across the country have carried a powerful and positive hip hop message.


Larry has spoken to audiences ranging from primary school children to board-level directors of some of the world's largest corporations, and speaks with honesty, humility and passion about goal setting, teamwork, success, failure, risk-taking, overcoming adversity and achieving what we set out to achieve, no matter how steep the odds. His reputation has grown into one of the best motivational speakers on the east coast.


Upon meeting Thunderfoot, you are impressed by his physical stature: 6 ft. 1in., 280 lbs of massive rock solid muscle. There is more here than meets the eye: holder of an impressive list of achievements as a boxer and kick boxer:

Thunderfoot is an individual who chooses to evolve while still being true by what the martial arts have taught him. He is driven by a boundless spirit to create from everyday experiences. His intensity is infectious, poignant and inspiring. Did I forget to mention he is extremely funny?


We asked Larry how did you get the nickname “Thunderfoot”?


Larry said: “When I began working out I would train in the basement of a church. One day Iwas kicking the bag very hard. The instructor came in and asked, “What is that?”


Some of the guys training answered, “That’s Larry in the back kicking the bag. It sounds like Thunder!” That was it. The church was located at the corner of Ocean and Linden in Jersey City. Classes taught by the late Grand Master Ron Jeter oos……….”


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