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Joseph Bumaniag & Ray Cruz

Joseph Bumanlag and Ray Cruz are both New Jersey residents who instruct at North Jersey Muay Thai in Lodi.


Ray Cruz began training in Muay Thai seventeen years ago under Kru Nestor Marte and Arjarn Pra Sit Thang Dong. He trained in Thailand at the Saktaywan camp. He has also trained with Fahleap Sritrakool at the Eminent Air camp in Thailand. Ray received his first title of Kru under famed fighter Thanonsak Sor Plantalae. He was awarded his second Kru title by Arjarn Pra Sit Thang Dong of Bangkok. Ray believes in constantly evolving with new fitness and health ideas while remaining true to authentic Muay Thai.


Joe Bumanlag was awarded Kru by Arjarn Pra Sit Thang Dong of Bangkok’s Saktaywan camp, and Kru by Lumpini and Rajadamnern fighter Thanonsak Sor Plantalae. He has trained with Eminent Air Gym and Fairtex Gym of San Francisco. Joe is also NASM certified personal trainer.


Fighters such as Ognjen Topic, Liam Tarrant, Chris Schilling and Ruby Calabrese have trained under their watch. Both Ray and Joe believe that it takes the whole fight team to prepare a fighter, and that the whole school contributes in a family atmosphere.

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