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Joan Pierce

Joan Pierce has been a nurse at Inspira Health Network since 1979.  She has held the current position as Combatant Sports Medicine  Coordinator for 15 years. Herjob consists of performing various types of testing to sure that each contestant is safe to get in the ring/cage.  She collects that information and forward the test results to The NJACB and other commissions for their approval.  For Joan, it is a labor of love. She feels like these young men and women are family and it is a pleasure to serve them. Knowing that she can be a small part in helping them advance in their career is a true blessing. She am honored to invest my time into their lives.


Outside of work, Joan’s affections lie with her husband, Herb, her children and grandchildren. In her spare time, she is a licensed evangelist, a school board member and a local zoning board officer.


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