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Ellen Rubin

Ellen Rubin is one of the few inductees who isn’t a martial artist. But she is married to one. The “legendary ” Donnie Carolei, as “TheGARV” is so fond of calling him. He is the one who got Ellen involved in martial arts.


Ellen was a restaurant owner for many years. Between 1994-2000, she helped Donnie put together some kickboxing shows for his company, Master Productions.  Then she returned to the restaurant business.


Ellen retired in 2004 and in 2006, Donnie was a referee for his organization the USKBA, with the late Paul Rosner.  Since she was going to shows anyway, she was put to work for them as a scorekeeper. She was also in charge of all licensing and paperwork for the organization.   Ellen got her MMA education on the job!


After the passing of Paul Rosner in 2009, the NJSACB took over the sanctioning of all MMA , Muay Thai and kickboxing events in NJ.  Ellen started working for them under the guidance of our counsel, Nick Lembo., and she hasn’t missed many shows since then.

She feels it is a privilege to be part or the best team of MMA officials in the country.


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