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Donnie Carolei

Donnie Carolei was born in Brooklyn in 1951.


He put on his first pair of boxing gloves at age five and started taking formal karate lessons at the age of twelve. Donnie is a kick boxer, a karate champion and the holder of five “Hall of Fame” awards.


Donnie has trained with many martial arts instructors over the last forty five years. Most notably, Grand Master Peter Urban and Tommy Pitera had the most influence on his development and interest.


Donnie is currently a 7th degree black belt in USA Goju-Ryu under the esteemed Grand master Peter Urban. Donnie is the founder of USA Goju Iron Tigers Dojo.


Donnie promoted and made matches for several kick boxing shows in the area under the name of Master Productions.

Donnie has been refereeing, judging and inspecting MMA, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai shows for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board since 2005. He has worked for New Jersey at events such as the UFC, Bellator, World Series of Fighting, M-1, Ring of Combat, Cage Fury, World Combat League, Warriors Cup, Take On, and many more. Donnie has also worked most every amateur event that has ever been hosted in the State.


Donnie was the chief of officials for the United States Kick Boxing Association under its President, the late Paul Rosner.

Donnie said:  “It has been great to see the evolution of our sport from point fighting to MMA.  It is an honor and a privilege to work in New Jersey with a great group of individuals.  If only MMA had been around in the 1970’s!  Some of us old timers would have loved to have gotten in the cage!”


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