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Donald Trump

Donald Trump was an early supporter of MMA in the state of New Jersey.


UFC 28 High Stakes was held on November 17, 2000 at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City.


UFC 30 Battle on the Boardwalk was also held at Mr. Trump’s Taj Mahal venue on February 23, 2001.


UFC 31 Locked and Loaded was again held at Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal on May 4, 2001.


Mr. Trump was also instrumental in bringing UFC 32 on June 29, 2001 to the Continental Airlines Arena (Izod Center) in East Rutherford.

The sport of MMA found its first lavish, established and credible home due to Mr. Trump.


Mr. Trump’s involvement and acceptance of the sport greatly assisted the growth of MMA.


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