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Dave Tirelli

Dave Tirelli was the first of many fighters to come out of TSMMA. He competed in Bare-knuckle Full Contact tournaments such as the Challenge of Champions. He remained undefeated in bare knuckle competition after 12 fights. He also holds a record of 6-0 in Muay Thai.


Tirelli first fought in professional MMA in June 1999 in Clearwater, Florida at the Xtreme Combat Championships. He also competed at RSF’s Redemption in the Valley. He is a veteran of Reality Fighting 2 and 3, as well as Ring of Combat 3 and 4. He holds victories over the UFC’S Luke Cummo and Tom DeBlass.


Following retiring from competition, he coached and cornered many TSMMA fighters and champions that reached great heights competing regularly in UFC, Bellator, and ROC.


Dave Tirelli has also judged the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator and Ring of Combat for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board.

Now, as a master head instructor, Sensei Tirelli has the experience of teaching thousands of students, helping many change their lives. His passion for teaching contributes to the success of his students. Sensei Tirelli is credited for getting his adult students in the best shape of their lives, and has had students lose over 100 pounds thru his training and nutritional counseling. Where Sensei Tirelli really shines is teaching children of all ages and needs such ADHD and Autism. Sensei Tirelli focuses on building their confidence through both self discipline and self defense and giving them the strength to say no to peer pressure and to carry that confidence into their adulthood.


Sensei Tirelli and his family reside in River Dell and he teaches out of Elmwood Park.


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