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David Mastrogiovanni

David Mastrogiovanni is known for his role as the promoter of Battle Cage Xtreme, Pro MMA Cage Fighting. His goal was to provide exciting professional matches while showcasing local talent.  Numerous successful events were held in Atlantic City, NJ, and he brought Battle Cage Xtreme to a sellout crowd at the Tropicana Casino and Resort. His innovative promotion allowed him to leave th traditional boxing ring behind and introduce a cage to his MMA events. Many of the fighters who made their debuts in Battle Cage Xtreme went on to become world champions in the UFC.  Battle Cage Xtreme events were televised and mentioned in many of the MMA publications.  David and the Battle Cage Xtreme name became synonymous with superior, exciting matches. When you went to a Battle Cage Xtreme event, you knew you were not going to be disappointed.

Always a fan of the “sweet science”, David promoted over a dozen professionalboxing matches throughout the tri-state area in the early 90’s. His childhood interest and experience in martial arts made the idea of transitioning to professional MMA an easy one.  The sport of MMA brought some very exciting times to his life and he has made many friends during his involvement in MMA.

He enjoys traveling and watching his four sons compete in national wrestling and grappling events.


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