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Edson Carvalho

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Champion of Champions


It all started in the city of Salvador, Bahia-here, a champion was born. His father Prof. Ciro was his first martial arts teacher. Young Edson was born to be a martial artist. With the support of his family and under the guided instruction of his father, a growing seed of a champion was planted in Edson. 


Edson started training at 4 years of age. At age 14 he had developed a systematic  aggressive style that many martial arts practitioners could not sustain in training. Edson’s foundational theory in Judo and Brazilain JiuJitsu is position before submission. In his younger years, he added.”Never allow your opponent to be comfortable.” As a measure of his students success in training and competition.


Edson” Baino” Carvalho studied Judo from Legends of the sport; such as but not limited to  Sensei Hugo Ricardo, Yamamoto, Shigueto Yamazaki (father), Mitiharo Sogabe (Ono), Matsuda and the celebrated Ysao Okano. 


After winning several titles in his home state, Edson Carvalho went to Rio de Janeiro in 1989, there he met the famous Prof. Mehdi, with whom the continued his Martial Arts studies. While living in Rio, Edson Carvalho competed for the Flamengo Club as well as the Carlson Gracie club in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championships. Many of his peers would say that Edson has a unique offensive style of fighting, that blends techniques of projection, that emphasizes finishing your opponent early. Edson Carvalho was and still remains a formidable challenge even in training. His lifelong accomplishments are a result of his willingness to continue his goal of reaching others in life with discipline, respect and positive energy.


Edson Carvalho has travels across the world many times. His teaching style, competition strategy and relentless training regimen is practiced in numerous dojo’s internationally. 


Today, Sensei Edson has focused his energy on his family, students and his physical ,mental and spiritual wellness. Edson thanks each person who comes into his life for bringing positive energy, and that energy that he receives from others is shared with others, so that their light continues to shine bright to illuminate the lives of others.


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