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Class of 2017

Jimmie Rivera:  MMA Fighter


Gary Tonon:  Grappler


Karel Pravec: Coach


Paul Carnicella:  Trainer


Kaitlyn Chookagain:  Female Fighter


Victor "Shaolin" Ribeiro: Fighter / Referee


Mike Malinconico: Wrestling


Jackie Atkins:  Boxing


Billy Scott:  Lifetime Achievement Award


Kurt Otto: Promoter


Nino Del Buono:  Announcer


Virgil Hill:  Boxer


Dr. Eric Wurmser:  Ringside Physician


Henry Krawiec:  NJSACB Offcial


Kipp Kollar:  Promoter


Dr. Robert Haley:  Physician


Media: Mike Straka


Rami Ibrahim: Muay Thai Fighter / Trainer



Kevin Thompson: Kickboxing

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