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Corey Anderson


Born in Rockford Ill, Corey was one of four children to Curtis and Paula Anderson. Corey learned his work ethic young working for his father's roofing company. He also started wrestling at a young age with little success. It wasn't until he was a sophomore in highschool that he finally won his first match. He learned the lesson of perservearence and went on to wrestle in college and become a 2x All-American and a NCAA runner-up. Corey attended Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois. After graduating he attended University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. Anderson graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater with a degree in Business Administration.

He initially had no intention of fighting, but with the coaxing of a fellow wrestler- turned fighter, he realized it was something he could be good at. With just three pro- mma fights and three wins, he tried out for The Ultimate Fighter 19: Edgar vs Penn. Corey went on to win The Ultimate Fighter 19 finale and earn his contract with the UFC. While on the show he met his mentor Frankie Edgar and bonded with coaches Mark Henry, Ricardo Almeida, & Steve Rivera.

Corey made the move to New Jersey to train with the camp in 2014 and has been with the team since. He now has 13 fights in the UFC and is currently ranked #7 in the light-heavyweight division with his eye on the belt.He married his wife, Jennifer in 2018 and they now have a son, Corey Jr. born in March of 2019. Corey is an avid bow hunter and dreams of one day coaching college wrestling again & starting his own gym after his career fighting professionally comes to an end.


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