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Jeff Lentz

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At 18 years old, I made my amateur  MMA debut in 2006. I really enjoyed fighting and this was the first local MMA event I had heard of. I had some amateur kickboxing and grappling experience from training Kenpo Jiu Jitsu at Ocean County Martial Arts in my home town, as well as a few years of wrestling in School. At that point I had no real MMA training. 

 In the beginning I did ok going 8-1 as an amateur. I won a couple titles in several weight classes. I fought for New Breed Promotions and Asylum Fight League and really enjoyed the competition. 

 My real education came from Rhino MMA as I started my Pro career, as well as Kurt Pelligrinos' gym. Between those two gyms I had the honor of training with some of the greats in our sport. Then I was chosen for The Ultimate Fighter and this experience really broadened my horizons. 

 During my professional career i received my Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I've had the fortune to win several titles, including Ring of Combat featherweight and lightweight belts, also the CFFC featherweight title. 

 Later in my career I got more in to boxing and competed professionally. My boxing record stands now at 5-1 with my one loss to a multiple time World Champion. 

 Before really dedicating my life to martial arts i was constantly getting myself into trouble. Martial arts changed my life for the better, I’m not sure where I’d be with out it.


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