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Carl Mascarenhas

Carl is the trainer of multiple MMA ,Kickboxing ,Boxing Pro and Ammy Fighters. He is a World Cup Gold Medalist in Kickboxing (WAKO) 1995 and a 1995-1999 4 x US National Kickboxing Champion. Carl is also the creator of the Asylum Fight League and has promoted over 600 Pro/Amateur Fights. Now promoting Asylum 49 in November.


Started New Breed Fighters in 2006 Then Refined the system of event planning and Match Making which led to opening ASYLUM FIGHT LEAGUE in 2008.


Currently Owner of Primal Kickboxing in Berlin NJ .1999-2008 Carl Has Been a Consultant for United Professionals traveling throughout the country and even overseas teaching school and gym owners how to grow their business in the Martial arts and make a great living while elevating teaching methods.


A Father of a great son CJ, whom  works side by side with him to give fighters a helping hand to get to the next level of Competition.

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