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Alan Goldberg

One must wonder what Master Goldberg, Publisher and Promoter of the event is thinking looking out in this vast sea of martial artists.  How did it all start?  Over 52 years ago Alan Goldberg would set forth a path in Martial Arts that some of us could only dream of.  Master Goldberg’s early training was in the art of Shotokan Karate.  Having the honor of studying with such Famous Masters as Manard Miner and George Cofield.  He would later on learn the traditional and non-traditional arts of Five Animal Kung Fu.  As the 1970’s entered, Master Goldberg would meet a young Master that would take him on the path to where he is at today.  That young Masters was Jason Lau.


Sifu Lau is the disciple of famed Shaw Bros. stable Master Jiu Wan.  Sifu Lau and Master Goldberg would form a student and Master bond that has lasted over thirty years.  A friendship so close that they even spent five years living in a Shaolin Wing Chun temple with three other disciples (which he now holds the title of #1 Disciple of the Family.)  Master Goldberg jokes of those days as saying, “Sifu Lau would wake up at 2:00 in the morning, telling his disciples it was time to train.”  For Master Goldberg, it was like a dream. or sometimes woke up the next morning wondering was it or wasn’t it.   “I would have lived there longer with Sifu Lau, but I was due to get married soon and my wife did not agree with my continued plan of living in a temple.”  Don’t know why not?


When Sifu Lau left New York City in the early 80’s, Master Goldberg was left with no one to train with.  Sifu Lau suggested he train with the late Sifu Moy Yat of the Yip Man family.  This would give Master Goldberg the opportunity to study Wing Chun under two different Sifus.  Allowing him the chance to have a well-rounded education in the art. Known for his longevity in the Art, Master Goldberg is a Pioneer of Wing Chun in the United States.


Master Goldberg is now teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in the heart of Brooklyn to a small but dedicated group of students.  The temple has been active for over 25 years and has had opportunity to expand it as a business.  “I have had opportunities to expand, but I am really not interested in having a large school because it loses some of the tradition and close family ties that he has built with his students.  The tradition continues as three of his oldest disciples teach in different areas across the U.S.A.  Other students include actor Joe Piscopo of Saturday Night Live, Heavy-weight world champion Dimitrius “Oak tree” Edwards, who is notoriously known as the man who broke Mike Tyson’s ribs in a sparring match, World renown Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Pearl.  People associated with his Kung Fu Family include Phil Morris from the Seinfeld show and Joe Venerrie from the Oldies group the Tokens (The Lion sleeps tonight)


Master Goldberg is the holder of  Black Belt Magazines “Kung Fu Instructor of the Year  2004 “  and Holder of over  70 other  hall of fame awards.  He holds positions in many boards in major Martial Arts federations.  He is a founding member of Martial Arts Grand Master International Council (MAGIC), a founding member of World Black Belt along with, Chuck Norris and Bob Wall and A board member of the International Sports Hall of Fame with Dr. Bob Goldman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine, the largest free magazine in the U.S. today, he created one of the nation’s hottest martial arts fads such as The Action Martial Arts Magazine Collector Cards.   Master Goldberg created Law Enforcement Survival System (LESS), which was the only self-defense course taught to the NYC Emergency Service Unit of the Police Department.  Starred in Great Karate Inspirations in which he represented the only person performing Kung Fu.  He has an instructional video on Wing Chun produced by Yamazato Productions, appearing in Rising Suns Production  Martial Arts Masters , He has also just take a position as Vice President of Shaolin Brand Products , Board Member to The Martial Arts History Museum, Martial Arts of China Historical Society, Black Belt Magazine (Festival of Martial Arts) Co Publisher of roundhouse publication , Associate producer of 3 new Action films and associate producer to the new reality show American Kick boxer .


He was also one of the promoters and Vice President of 21st Century Warriors, which showcased some of the legendary martial artists of our time.  This event saw the return of Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Royler Gracie, Orlando “The Warrior” Rivera, Dan “The Beast” Severn and others battling it out on Pay-Per View.

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